Sunday, December 18, 2011

Super Simple Sundays



Photos just don’t do justice to sunrises but I had to try…such crisp, clean strength and beauty!


                    sunrise 005 


This tree reminds me of lace dollies and frozen cobwebs.  Waking up to this, being in the country….it just can’t get any better….ok, AND a cup of steaming hot coffee.  (And, I think I want more farm animals….heaven help me!)


  sunrise 006


  1. What a beautiful sunrise to enjoy with that steming mug of coffee. I really appreciate your photos. Our sunrise is hidden behind trees and hills. It's the same with sunsets unless we're out on the lake. Then we are blessed with some beautiful scenery. Take care.

  2. Sometimes, there is such beauty in the simplest things.
    XO Kris

  3. What a wonderful sight to enjoy every morning. Beautiful photos Karen.

  4. Well I think its a really nice picture. So pretty. Nature is amazing.
    Hope you can find a tree like mine, if you lived near me we could take turns using it from year to year.
    Nancy Jo

  5. More critters? hmmm. guinnie hens & turkeys might be right up your ally! lol! oh wait, howzabouts a couple of piggies.... I'll even help ya walk them! snork,giggle!

  6. Oh, yes, you NEED more farm animals!!! Yes, yes, yes!! Life is rich surrounded by critters. A few turkeys would be a great idea...I agree with Grace!

  7. Oh my, I would be in hog heaven to see what you see when you wake up. The country live is where its at!

    YEP, the girls need a few more animals... a Babe the pig... and maybe a donkey.


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