Monday, January 23, 2012

Cooped Up!

I really never thought about the meaning behind this saying but I think my girls did….  They have been ‘cooped up’ for three days without a ‘walkabout’, and I could tell things might get nasty any time.  We had about 8-10 inches of snow and it began to melt.  A glimpse of the sun, melting snow…I just had to do it.  I shoveled a path way around the coop and almost literally threw the girls out.  Of course, I had to bribe them!

      girls in the snow 001 

Sorry these pictures are so bad, I took them through the window.  You didn’t think I was going to go out there, did you?  This is in front of my garage and all they would walk on was the car tire tracks.  I guess they thought those were made for them.

       girls in the snow 003 

                 girls in the snow 016 


   girls in the snow 014  They did find a small patch of dirt but I think they’re gossiping about their owner….”why would she take us out of our warm and cozy coop, for this cold and miserable place”? Some days you just can’t win….

  shovel 005  As you might guess the ladies were reluctant to go on home.


  1. They do have you well trained... you know that don't you?
    You are a sweet mommy for shoveling the snow for them, perhaps they will have some nice yummy eggs for you in the morning as a thank you gift.

    love the tire-track strut~~~

  2. How cute! I must agree with the girls, warm inside looking out is just fine! My girls venture out in any weather, wonder about them sometimes! Hope your day is going GREAT!

  3. So cute Karen. Can you come dig me a "walkabout" too? :) I'm thinking about a "driveabout" today...I need to get OUT of my coop. :) xoxo


  4. Great idea! I'm gonna have my son make a walk about for his feathered friends too. I just hope his girls talk cluck about him and not me.

    Do you put a heat lamp in for them?


  5. That is TOO funny! I think at times we really can tell what they're thinking. They WERE gossiping was pretty obvious.

  6. "Can't live with 'em... can't live with out 'em... lol!

  7. That is hilarious - my chickens wouldn't come out either. they also stayed on any bare ground or walked the edges of the raised beds in the garden. Now I get the 'Cooped up' comment too!
    thanks for popping by...

  8. I can so identify with "the girls"! I'm feeling desperately "cooped up" and want to just hibernate inside until it's warm again. lol

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  9. We have been having some really cold, cold weather and my hens had been in for close to two weeks. It warmed up above the freezing mark a couple of days ago and even though it was raining I let them out into their run which had some area without snow. They came out of the coop like something was chasing them. Too bad it started getting really cold and I had to shut them back up a few hours later.


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