Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smart Tips Tuesday


Scarfs are all the rage and the new t shirt scarfs are a lot of fun and easy to make…and a great repurpose item.  Check out this tutorial…. http://myblessedlife.net/2011/10/t-shirt-scarf-tutorial.html 






Try this fun site, as well……http://www.scarves.net/blog/12-ways-to-tie-a-scarf






Here’s a fun video from UTube on scarf tying….have fun!


  1. I love scarves and wear them often. After watching the one video I'll stick to the simple methods. I can just see me all tangled up in some contortion trying to get the scarf tied just right! Love the t shirt ones, may have to try. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Boy, I been in style for years and never knew it. I have been doing
    t-shirt scarves for years for my head when I work in the yard to keep the sun off my forehead and head. Now, I just need to add a flower and I can dash out in public now and not feel so

  3. That video is awesome. I have seen it before. It gave me a few new ideas too!
    Are your girls still laying?
    PS I did the retexture. It turned out okay. I am thinking I may use a sprayer for the laundry room since it is a much bigger space. Thanks for your tips. I used the bag method, and it was easy!

  4. Isn't it funny how things go in and out of vogue? Years ago, scarves were in, and I wore them often. Then they went out of fashion, and I gave most of mine away. Now, they are IN again! I just need a really big closet so I can keep EVERYTHING...'cause eventually, it will all be back in style. ;)

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  5. Now I can make something with all the tshirts I have been saving for a project. What pretty scarfs. Thanks Karen.

  6. Your timing couldn't have been better! I started knitting this year and wondered about the ways you can wear scarves. Plus, in the Winter I usually wear turtlenecks because my neck gets cold but I'd like to do scarves now instead. I also like those cowls which I want to knit. I love that one in the middle..if I could get my hands on the pattern for that one! It's gorgeous. I need to get out more I guess because I hadn't heard about the T-shirt scarves...under a rock I guess...me that is! LOL! Thank you, I'll have to try those.

  7. Wow, and I thought I was stylin' when I threw one end over the opposite shoulder.

  8. the one with the fring I think I had that one in the 80's. I like the other scarfs and a good way to use up old t-shirts.

  9. fun post! gonna check some of those sties out. the t-shirt scarves sound interesting.


  10. Love those T shirt scarves.....great ideas.....thanks for sharing the video.


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