Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crap Giveaway…..

I wanted to have a little party to celebrate my 200 + followers and nearly 1000 posts.  So it’s a GIVEAWAY!  And no, I won’t be sending crap…..just a fun book, full of crap.  I recently found this hilarious book.  I just had to share the laughs with one of my wonderful fellow bloggers.  Thanks for being there for me!

      misc 004 

Some of you might even relate to this.  I definitely feel for my daughter, when I am gone!

If you don’t have a blog please leave an email.  Or email me through my profile.

You can check out the blog that started all this at…   Enjoy your trip down memory lane. 

If you can, leave me a comment about some ‘crap’ you will have to deal with or did.

P. S. I promise not to send any crap with this book! Giveaway ends on Sunday at 6pm PST. 

Check out this party….


  1. Oh I bet that book is a goodun'!!!! Put my name in the hat please!!!! SO glad I found you here in blogland!!

  2. Oh my God. My parents had those curtains. We tell our kids all the time they will be so sorry we were pack rats but dig in every corner of trash because you don't know where I've stashed the money.


  3. This books looks hilarious! But I'm thinking oh so true, yikes. I keep reminding myself my word for 2012 is de-clutter. I think I best start doing a better job! Please, please put my name in for this!!! 200 followers, yippy!!!

  4. Don't need to throw my hat in the ring. As you know, I already have this crap (as a book and as a collection to leave my children!)

  5. Oh yes...put my name in for this! Not only do I live with my "crap" but my parent's "crap" as well. If I die tomorrow my kids get 2 generations of "crap". LOL!
    If I don't win I'll be buying that book...the title alone is enough to grab me. I'm heading over to that blog right now! What a hoot!
    Oh, and I love what Bliss said about they don't know where I've stashed the money! Ha! Ha!
    Congrats to you and so deserving! You have a wonderful blog, great photos and a very interesting life to share!

  6. Congrats on 200 followers, would love to win this book.
    My father collected sand for all over the world and when he passed away no one wanted it. Guess who took it, me.

  7. Oh my...I pity my poor kids. I am going to have to unload a bunch of crap in the next couple of decades!!

  8. hahaha! and you have seen my craft (crap) room.... I feel sorry for my daughter too! .... if I thought I could take it with me,,, trust me, I would! lol!

  9. HI Karen,
    Just to let you know the bag you made came yesterday. Its so pretty, such nice work. I will make good use of it.
    You can enter me in your drawing, I think my kids will relate to that book to someday. Thank you.
    Nancy Jo


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