Monday, January 30, 2012

Rooting Around

plants 003

I think I feel Spring coming….either that or I am trying to push the envelope a bit!

                plants 010

I noticed my little Aloe Vera plant contained two little guys, so I split them up.

  plants 001

Look what came in the mail… got me dreaming of starts, new plants and seeds.  What else could I divide?

            plants 007

Don’t you just love the color green….it makes me think of hope….hope that Spring will soon be here…why it’s almost February.  The snow is still on the ground but I can feel it coming.  I see tiny little seeds bursting forth with bright green baby leaves….  In my mind, of course!  Guess I’d better do something to make that happen!


  1. I have a little Aloe Vera plant that a friend gave me from Arizona! I love to use it for burns. I guess we have had Spring like weather, almost summer like really, here too. Yesterday we were at a memorial service that was held on a college baseball field. It was 85 degrees and quite hot!!! Crazy!!
    I love garden magazines!!! Love them!!! Have a great week!!

  2. God knew what he was doing when he created the color Green. He knew it was soothing to the eye and is a promise of hope and renewal.

    Hope your day is good and your week, superb.

  3. I love the color green too, and I can't wait for spring!
    My lantanas are getting little shoots of green....I'm hoping we don't get a freeze that will nip them.

  4. All's right with the world when we see little hints of spring.

  5. I's coatless here today...high 60's and beautiful but I had already planned indoor activities which I need to do or I won't eat tonight or have clean clothes tomorrow! LOL! I'll be out in between. I could actually hang the clothes on the line today it's so nice but after all Winter of the dogs "doin' it" in the yard it's like a minefield out there!
    I used to get that magazine and I loved it especially their covers with always the gorgeous potting shed!
    Congats to the winner! I have to get that I look around at all my folks stuff...too funny!
    Have a great day!

  6. I'm a closet plant splitter too! is that a thrifty tip I wonder? jennyx


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