Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays

Hope you don' mind seeing a repeat today....this was a popular post back in September.

window 001
I’ve been wanting to craft an old window with chicken wire….since way before I got chickens.  This old window…a freebie…was the perfect choice.  So this weekend, I went about removing the glass from the window panes….carefully.  Eye and hand protection are a real good idea.  I broke off all the putty and cleaned her up a bit with the putty knife.
      window 002 

      window 003 
Cut a piece of chicken wire a bit larger (all the way around) than the window.  I used a staple gun for nailing down the wire…start at one end (say the right end) and stretch it as you go, working North and South, West across the right end section…working toward the left (West) end. Trim all the excess wire so none sticks out from the edges.
                  window 004
Now you can decorate it any way you want…hang small yard tools on it….or
window 014
add some shelves on the bottom and make a gardening center out of it.  I got so carried away, I made another item.
                  window 011 
Lots of room here for decoration. 
           window 012 
I just had to display, some of my favorite McCoy pottery on the little shelves.  And some time back, I embroidered the little scarecrow, on a Earth shoe bag.  So it too, claimed some space.  I store my seeds packets in it. 
           window 018 
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  1. On my list for this week is making something like that with the chicken wire for over my daughters desk. Not sure if I will use a window or make a frame with some barn board. Love that you used your for garden tools. I have no room in the house for my own, but outside......


  2. Cute and functional too. I remember that post!!! How are your girls? Laying every day even in the cold and shorter days?

  3. Looks wonderful.... you always inspire me with your energy and artistry.....

  4. ohhhh that was very clever! wht a great idea!

  5. what wonderful projects! Makes me wish it was Spring here so I could dig in the dirt!!!

  6. That's just the cutest!!!! Where is it at? In a potting shed? If so that's a darn cute potting shed!
    I get so many great ideas from you! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration ... this came out great! Now I can stop passing up the windows that have no/ broken glass. I'm glad I found you .... I'm following now. If you have time come and see what I did with my old window :)
    Ethereal PLUS what I Love


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