Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Easy Relaxing Weekend….

       quilts 002

I spent the weekend with some fellow Sisters on the Fly, glamping at a local sister’s home in Spokane….thanks, Gracie, for the hospitality!  It was a simple small gathering of six of us and we all got to see Sherry’s new trailer, an Aladdin.  Too cute and this gal sure knows how to outfit a trailer in no time!

                 quilts 003 


                quilts 005

She even added a microwave and painted it to match the existing appliances!  Love the ‘Gypsy’ decorations! 

  quilts 006 


    quilts 010

I love the red and white over at Heather’s trailer! 


quilts 012

I love that original floor and that wall heater! 


quilts 014 

We had a blast running around to garage sales in the area and we also hit the annual Quilt show, near by at The Buggy Barn.  I took a lot of pictures, so I will share those with you tomorrow.  It was outside and a gorgeous day…so be prepared for some beautiful quilts. 


quilts 008 

Yep, that’s me…Sister #2062, there are more than 2800 Sisters nationwide!  My friend, Grace, made this for me.  Actually, Hubby Gary…thank you!


  1. Oh my I can hear and feel the fun you gals had. I happened upon a Sister's group at Cabela's in Lacy, WA over the weekend. Met some new and fun Sisters. Looking forward to more pictures - for sure!!!!

  2. Love the numbers!!! Such fun! Oh how I envy you with your vintage trailer fun and the gals!!!!
    Love it!!
    XO Kris

  3. We did have fun....food & lots of giggles! :>)

  4. I can not pass by any of these little trailers and not think of you. Saw one this week-end. Then I thought, if I had one how would I decorate it...and well...kept me occupied for a while thinking of how I would do it. Just love seeing these.

  5. OMG those campers are rockin' I want one. Really.
    Looks like a blast.


  6. What fun I'm sure you all had. Did you find goodies while garage saleing. And, the quilts, can't wait to see the pictures. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  7. sigh....how I long for a vintage trailer and some glamping.

  8. Every time I see your camper I want to toss my stuff in and head out. And I love your sister #.



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