Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quilts in the Country

quilts 027

Our fun ‘Glamping’ weekend centered around this annual quilt show at the Buggy Barn in Reardan, WA.  It was a gorgeous day with gorgeous quilts, flying in the breeze! 

                quilts 020 


quilts 022

There was color everywhere….lots of it! 

quilts 019

Sorry, about the lousy pictures, the sun was almost always behind my subject.

 quilts 029 


quilts 059


quilts 037

There were vendors selling the cutest things.  Plus, some vintage booths.  Fun everywhere you looked. 

quilts 040 


quilts 058

And all around us was this beautiful country! 

quilts 032 


quilts 034 

I just adored these cute little critters! 

quilts 041

This was the cool door inside one of the barns.

 quilts 049

The quilts were just unbelievable!

quilts 055 


quilts 016


  quilts 061 


quilts 062

The detail in this quilt just blew my socks off! 

quilts 064

Here’s my friend, Juli, giving her respects to these beautiful quilts.  We had a blast and even found a few treasures in the vintage booths!

 quilts 039


  1. Those quilts are absolutely gorgeous!! But I still like the old ones best...the kind that have been "broken in"...nothing like it!

  2. Wonderful quilt show, great setting! Glad you could take that all in.

  3. Wow, what some gorgeous pictures of quilts. I'm afraid one of those critters would have come home with me. It looks like a fabulous day of quilts and girlfriends! Did you get any treasures????

  4. WOW, you sure had a feast for the eyes, those quilts are spectacular. I know how much work goes into creating them.

  5. What a way to admire all these fabulous quilts...the displays and backdrops couldn't be any better. My favorite has to be the phycowdelic quilt!!

  6. Those quilts are fabulous! Especially against such a pretty backdrop as the red barn, and open prairie! So fun! That one with all of the detail is amazing, isn't it!!
    XO Kris

  7. I have always meant to go to one of their Barn events. You picked a beautiful one to go to. Each quilt was like a beautiful garden in full bloom. Great to share with friends. Furby's Karen

  8. Those quilts are totally fabulous...and love the country setting. I am sure you had a fantastic time.

  9. Love the 'psycowdelic' one, what a treasure! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures, beautiful!


  10. All of the quilts are so beautiful!!!

    I'm HOPING that maybe someday I will/can make a quilt, but I'm sure it won't be as lovely as those you've shown us, but I'll try anyway.
    Hugs to you my friend

  11. amazingly, that is someplace I have actually been!! Wish I could have been there for the show. You gals do the most fun things together.....

  12. Loved the photos and the quilts are awesome. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  13. How amazing! I love quilts and posted about a small one today. I don't think your link is exactly right on Brambleberry cottage. I had to change it a little to end up here! Hugs!


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