Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Boy

       Some of you know that I became  a g\Grandmother for the fourth time back on July 5th.  And little Maxwell Montgomery is doing terrific! 

Something almost no one (here) knows is that I became a Great Grandma on Tuesday!  Here is Gunner Corey and he is doing great.  My son’s middle name was Corey, as well.  I have a happy but aching heart….thanks, Mercedes for blessing your son with some of Grampa Darin.  He would be so proud.


Right now he has blonde hair (thanks, Daddy Mike) and came in at a healthy 7# 12#.



Photo source..facebook


  1. Congratulations. What a beautiful little blessing he is!!

  2. Blessing to the new little one, may he never know a day when Christ was not in his life.

    YOU are blessed!!!

  3. So happy you and Tracy could make it over to see this little bundle of joy. I will get the particulars next time we get together.

  4. You are the best looking, youngest great grandma I have ever seen!!!! And he is precious!

  5. It's too soon to visit Mommie and baby, hoping to get over toward the end of September.

  6. Congratulations to proud great-grandma!

  7. Congratulations. A blessing for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Congratulations on becoming a great grandma Karen. How exciting for you...two new blessings in your life this summer.

  9. What a cutie. Congrats again!! You're too young and HOT to be a Great Grandma. ;) Miss you!!


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