Monday, August 13, 2012

Hat Party

hats 002

Isn’t this the most adorable shabby garden shed?  I adore it….everything about it….leaking roof and all.  I was invited to a hat party last weekend and couldn’t help taking photos of Dawn’s lovely yard.  Don’t you love this shabby, pealing, rusty shed?

  hats 005

Her gardens were pristine and so gorgeous…not a weed in site…oh, bliss!

  hats 007

I loved how she had separate spaces for different types of flowers…eg…succulents were all together.

 hats 008

I loved these colors together!  I gotta’ get me some!

 hats 001

She even had a fun French outdoor room.  She stenciled lace to the walls with spray paint…lovely effect. 

We were  served ,wonderful homemade hors d’oeuvers, iced tea, coffee, drinks of our choice, and lots of other goodies by sweet Suzi….would that be Suzi Homemaker…I bet…because it was ‘over the top good’. 

  Thanks, so much, Dawn, for bringing us all together, in your lovely shaded back yard.

 hats 006 


hats 010 (3)

I didn’t get many hat pictures…..but this one, well, you know how it is, I just had to get one of my daughter, Tracy, wearing her grandma’s hat.  Grandma’s long gone now but she would have been thrilled.  This young lady just had a baby a little over a month ago.  I am so proud of her…love ya’ kiddo.

hats 003


hats 011 (3)


  1. What a charming garden shed! I would love to have that beauty in my yard! Her shaded patio was so cute! And your pretty girl in grandmas hat is adorable!!! Looks like a really nice time!!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Where to start?

    Goodness - the shed, the gardens... all of it beautiful!!!

    But your daughter? GORGEOUS!!! I bet she gets it from YOU!!!

    Congratulations to her bein' a new Mama!!! And YOU - a Grandma!

    :) robelyn

  3. Awesome photos. Pretty backyard. And the patio area....WOW. So glad you had a great time. Your daughter's picture was perfect. Have a great week.

  4. Thanx for posting these pix. Funny how everyone spells the French word for poo~poos differently. Who knows which way is correct?!

  5. What a cute idea that outdoor room is!! And your daughter is beautiful!!

  6. Love the shed, but you are truly blessed with a beautiful daughter!!

    How fun a hat party! Where's your pic?

  7. She lovely! Your pics are so beautiful...I love the shed and a bit envious, I've always wanted one! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great photos - all of them. And the little lady in the hat? Charming!

  9. Cute shed, nice hat, beautiful daughter. More photos next time!



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