Friday, October 19, 2012

In My Neighbor's Back Field…on a Walkabout…

eve 022

Sometimes, your next best photo is right there in your own back yard.

           eve 026 


eve 023

I just love that Lichen…what a super charged color! 

eve 029

I love the trains that go by my house..I can envision them back in the day…passing my now, 106 year old house. 

Of course, they were the old locomotives then and I most likely wouldn’t have had a camera in hand.  Some things about progress are good.  I do so love the simple things but….


  1. Love the photo with the train in the back ground! Of course I have a love of old trains and speeders! I use to belong to a speeder club and took many trips on the rails. Here's to a great weekend!!!!

  2. I love the sound of the trains that go by. It reminds me of when I was a young Mama, and would sit up in bed with my babe in arms, nursing in the quiet of the night. I can remember hearing the whistle of the trains going by. Such a nice sound, and such a sweet memory.

  3. The train tracks aren't too far from us and I've always found the sound so comforting, whether it be a commuter train, a freight train, or one on it's way up the coast via Santa Barbara, Northern Calif, Oregon, on into Washington. One of my most memorable trips was the train ride I took from Everett, Washington thru the Cascades to Michigan. Guess that's why I love Washington so much, the Cascades were breathtaking.

  4. Karen
    I grew up not far from the train tracks-I still enjoy the sound of
    the wheels on the track.
    Nice rural photos. There's so much beauty in the simple things, if we just look for it.

  5. Oh Karen.....your pictures are always so beautiful!!! Since I've been gone for awhile and I'm looking back.... WOW......... you have the luckiest chickens ever! Their mansion is magnificent and your pictures are so beautiful/
    The fall leaves are so beautiful,nothing like that here.... we're still green and brown.


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