Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Last of the Fall Bugs….


chix 006

Meet Maya Angelou, she is #3 on the totem pole (in the Chicken Mansion) and almost 10 months old and the biggest one of the bunch.

chix 022

I say the bunch but what I mean is Amelia Earhart, on the left and Eleanor Roosevelt, on the right.  These two, always hang out together, Amelia being #1, seems to be protecting Eleanor as she has a bath.  Yes, a dirt bath, just what the body needs. 

chix 019

The girls are hanging out in the back yard under these gorgeous Fall trees.

  chix 017

These colorful trees have a beautiful blue sky background. 

chix 012

Amelia loves to check out the fall bugs. 

chix 008 

Nothing like Spa Day!

It won’t be long and the girls won’t be wanting to come out of the Chicken Mansion to look for bugs.  (Not that any chicken in her right mind, would even think it!)  We’ve already had freezing temps, so it may not be long until it snows.  Enjoy your day in the sun, girls!


  1. Love the fall/winter colors. Don't like the cold so much. I'm with the three....I wouldn't come out either. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks so beautiful with the blue skies and gorgeous trees. But burrrrrr, frost already & snow? Your girls sure look happy! Mine still have free range of the yard during the day but are tucked away safely at night. It finally dropped to 39 this morning so frost is headed our way soon. Heat lamp in coop soon, so they can stay snugly!

    Enjoy the wonderful days!

  3. Karen,
    Your girls looks so healthy! Isn't it interesting how the pecking order works? I find it fascinating!
    Oh what I wouldn't give for some of those freezing temps!!!

  4. Oh how I need a Spa Day,,, not the kind your 'girls' have...but a bit of lazy,pampering would be good before the Winter sets in...


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