Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Chicken Mansion

               chicken mansion 005 

It’s that time of year when I must winterize the Chicken Mansion.  There really isn’t much to do this year, I insulated it last year, so all I need to do is….  Redo the insulation strips around the door and tidy things up.

    chicken mansion 008

There really is a lot of junk, opps, vintage items, hanging around.  It is a dusting nightmare but then how often do I get that done?  I had planned to work out here in the winter on the new work bench but that didn’t happen last year, wonder if I will do it this year?  I do have several unfinished projects….hummm.   

                         rust 011 

The girls have some pretty nice decorations outside too.  I think they like rust, doesn’t everyone?


                    rust 007 


                  rust 012

The springs from the bed of the old Aljo trailer that imploded.  I had to save these!

 rust 013

If I get organized today, I will take some pictures of my girls for you.  Maya Angelou has really gotten big.


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  1. How blasted cute is this!! Having a little space to play alongside the girls. My coop looks like an outhouse and is about the size. No playing in there for me, only the girls.

    Isn't it amazing how many to do projects we can accumulate - LOL!!!

  2. Darling "junk"...right up my alley too! That is the cutest darn coop I've ever seen and if I ever get my "place in the country" again I want one like yours! Is it heated?
    Those bed springs make great trellises and I have a skull that used to hang above my wood burner on the farm but now sits in the basement....I should sit it out in the garden! Great idea! Of course we love rust and that RR crossing sign is SWEET!!!! I love trains so that is REALLY cool! Thanks for inspiring me as always!

  3. Awesome. Just having too much fun for those other things. Have a great day.

  4. Chicken Mansion is certainly a wonderful name for their home. Don't let my chickens peak at the mansion.... they'll stage a mutiny!

  5. I love your chicken mansion. My gals live in the slums compared to yours. I had planned to redo their area but not enough good days this Summer for me. Maybe next year.

  6. I so love your mansion....your chickens get the royal treatment!

  7. I love the chicken mansion! Can I stay in it when I come out to see you? ;-)
    Love all of your stuff! You got good stuff, woman! Let me know when you have a yard sale!
    How are your hens laying? It has turned cold here in Indiana and we are barely getting any eggs. Our California White, Jenny O is our best layer. Our new flock isn't doing too well, either! xo, Cheryl

  8. I can't even tell my chickens how good yours' have it. They would mutiny.


  9. I am amazed at that chicken coop. It is unbelieveable what you've done to it. I could move right in.

  10. Ohhh, your chickens are so lucky!!!! My girls want to come over and play!!!!!


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