Friday, November 2, 2012

My Great Grandson Meets My Newest Grandson

      gunner 002

These two little cousins seem to like each other….  They are two months apart.  Yes, my Grand Daughter, Mercedes, 21, just had Gunner, on the left, on August 28th.  Maxwell, was born on July 5th, by my daughter, Tracy. 

I totally apologize for the lousy pictures.  My camera was on the wrong setting…you would think I was all nervous…or something!

gunner 011

So I just have to give you this little vignette ….after we put the two cousins on the couch…they got really happy…

gunner 013

See what I mean?

gunner 014

Hey, cus!

gunner 015 


gunner 020

Hey, cus, I really like you…let’s sing, let’s dance!! 


  1. awwweee,,, how cute! gotta love our babies!

  2. Truly two happy boys and so dang cute!!

  3. That is so precious. I bet you will have fun with both of these boys. Have a good weekend.

  4. I am about to have a similar situation. My son and daughter-in-law have a beautiful boy a week away from his first birthday. My daughter-in-law's 21 year old daughter is having a baby boy in March 2013!! The boys will be uncle/nephew - how cool is that?!?! I will be a great-grammy and will be over the moon!

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  6. They're everywhere! Those darn cute babies.



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