Friday, January 4, 2013

A Picture Review, July- December

elk river 018


on the road again….Elk River. 

sky 035


My new trailer paint job. 


sky 028







Lewis and Clark Trail, ID

(That’s me in the middle.)


 lake kelso 003


Lake Kelso, ID 





Sunset in my back yard. 


sunsets 002



  Maxwell 010



Sorry, Maya Angelou, I thought you were a girl…opps, I mean Michelangelo!


maxwell 018 (2)


Even my new grandson, Maxwell, finds that interesting! 


Christmas Day 022


Christmas Day 028

It was a very hectic but wonderful year.  In addition to all my fun vintage trailer glamping trips; and a cruise in the Mediterranean;  I gained a new grandson in July and my first great grandson in August!  I lost a couple dress sizes and road a horse on the Lewis and Clark trail in Idaho. 

It was a very good year!



  1. You really did pack a lot into 2012. Hope the coming year is just as happy for you!

  2. Boy did you have a great year! I love the contrast between summer and winter of the chicken mansion!! I'm sure the girls and boy are hoping the sun comes out and melts the snow!!

    Here's to more fun and adventures in 2013!!!

  3. Great job on 2012....I know that 2013 will be equally good for you!!! But don't lose a couple more dress sizes this year or you will vanish!!

  4. yep, we are gonna keep you & "Ms Daisy" uber busy this year (2013) with tons of fun Glamping adventures....

  5. Oh Karen...... your pictures are always so amazing!!! Each photo looks like something that should be framed and hung on the wall!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. I look forward to the days were Hubby and I can travel more.

  7. Great shots, all. I am going to take even more pictures this year...and post on my Jans Place Blog!


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