Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Sunshine!

winter sunshine 001 (2)


It was a totally amazing day…the sun finally arrived and I couldn’t run fast enough, to get the camera. 



winter sunshine 009 (3)


I love how the sky keeps changing, every few seconds.


winter sunshine 005 (2)


Everything was so bright that it washed out all the color, so I went with Black and White.




  1. Awesome photos & it looks so cold. Have a great week.

  2. Just lovely; I am glad you were able to capture the display.

  3. Gorgeous!!! I've been out working in the yard this morning, or should I say mud! Doing some work that should have been done two months ago. Now if only I had a beautiful snow cover I would have a good excuse.

    Keep the gorgeous pictures coming. I'm so enjoying your photography talent!


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