Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Salmon River Glamping

salmon river 089


I’m here again with a few more pictures of our Girl Camp at the Salmon River in Idaho.  This was my view, from my front door, on this beautiful river.

 salmon river 140


Here’s a real cutie, owner Julie Burkhardt, showing off a cute Southwest theme.


  salmon river 144


I love this cute turquoise vintage ironing board, what a cute idea!


salmon river 145



salmon river 146


I just love the color scheme here, those turquoise appliances just rock!


salmon river 147


salmon river 150


Don’t you just love this patriotic trailer?  Fantastic job!


salmon river 095 


salmon river 152


I always love to see what Mig will do with her displays…I am never disappointed!


  salmon river 153


salmon river 154


salmon river 157


And inside….just as much fun!


  salmon river 158 


salmon river 183


I am running out of time, so I will post some more tomorrow.  Enjoy the fun!





  1. Thanks so much for posting these pics! They are so fun! ♥

  2. Love love these fun photos...
    Loretta XO

  3. I love all of those photos. I would love to sit by the river & just lounge. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

  4. First, you look fabulous in your new profile photo!
    Thanks for taking us along on your adventure.
    I love seeing all the unique campers.

  5. Karen, you are looking stunning!!! Way to go girl!! Your vintage trailer posts make me giddy. That turqoise is just fabulous! LOVE that vintage ironing board idea too. Loved your view.....what a peaceful place that looked like!!
    xo Kris

  6. They're all gorgeous! My new fav color combo is turquoise and red...with an English style of cttages and roses. What a view! Have fun...wish I could be there!

  7. All these trailers are adorable! Having a space of your own is a dream-come-true! Question: where do you/other owners store all the fun things that decorate the outside? Some outsides look like full rooms!

  8. So much fun!!!! I so want a trailer oh boy maybe someday.I love the all the pictures keep them coming.


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