Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vintage Trailer Fun…continued

salmon river 162 (1024x768) 

RunAmuk, (cute trailer name, huh? ), got her canopy up and looked just as adorable as the inside!

  salmon river 164 (1024x768)


  salmon river 166 (1024x768)



salmon river 018


It was just a gorgeous weekend…weather was perfect, on the Salmon River, in Idaho!


 salmon river 159 (1024x768)


There was even a rocking bronco horse, right in front of Chick on the Run, another cute name!


salmon river 167 (1024x768) 


 salmon river 168 (1024x768)


Nina, has a wonderful yellow and plum color combo! 


salmon river 169 (1024x768) 


salmon river 170 (1024x768) 


Lots of room in this baby!


 salmon river 175 (1024x768) 


salmon river 191 (768x1024)


And here is Ferne, a true fly fisher women, who made it down to see us all for the day. 



And here is the rest of us, taken for the local newspaper! 




  1. Fun, fun and more fun!!!
    xo Kris

  2. Was Chick on the Run renting out boots? Cute cute trailers!

  3. Wow, even made the paper! How fun! I just love seeing all the different styles and personalities of you ladies. ♥

  4. Fun, fun, fun and enjoyed seeing all the campers so much.

  5. Love seeing all your trailers. They are all so personal and look really homely. You look like you have great fun....Thank you for sharing.

  6. Love this post and viewing all the trailers! Great fun...
    Loretta XX

  7. And, she even had saddles. What were they used for? I just loved them. Thanks.

  8. I keep telling myself, two years, two years!!! Then I am retired and I can camp every weekend I want. Go where I want and have more fun than anyone!!! I so loved seeing all the pictures and some familiar faces. Miss you girls!!!

  9. Love your trailers and your adventures as well..Thanks for sharing..

  10. Love that corrugated back splash in Runamuck.


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