Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Celebration

I was getting ready for my trip to Seattle, to help celebrate my Mom's 90th birthday and I found this post and one of my favorite blogs.  I just had to share it.  

"As I was ready to fill up our suitcases preparing for our trip
a sweet whisper to my soul made me realize that the only thing we will take from this journey of life
are the relationships that we made, the memories we had with those we love,
the moments that changed us and made us into who we are.

So today I just wanted to stop by and invite us all to love a little deeper,
to hold the hand of our child a little longer, to listen what our teen is not saying,
to offer perhaps a little more patience to our aging parents,
a little more understanding, a little more giggles, just a little more of us.

I just wanted to invite us all to stop for a second in this crazy journey through life
where we are trying so hard to fill our suitcases with homes, work, and things…
and perhaps make room today for a new memory, a new gentle word, a new hug, a new heart to heart moment.

Looking at my empty suitcase I realized how full my life was."

Here's the link to Desiree's lovely blog.  

Here's where I will be staying, I love this view from my Mom's condo.  Have a great weekend, I know I will!


  1. I couldnt agree with you more. As I age, I have stronger feelings toward those that are important to me and my life. I love the city of Seattle, and know you will enjoy being with your Mother. Hug her 10 x's 2!

  2. Beautiful words Karen. I love Seattle, and unfortunately my visits there have always been too short. I was with my mom the first time I visited and have the best memories. Wishing you and your mom a wonderful 4th of July holiday and a big happy 90th birthday to your mom.


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