Friday, June 28, 2013

Sand, Sun and Sister Fun

sotf nw 2013 142


Here we are at the hitching post, more than ready to hit the beach, on our horses!  Sister fun! 


sotf nw 2013 150 (800x600)


Some hit the beach drawn by draft horses and this fun wagon. 


sotf nw 2013 138 (800x600)


Daphne and Jane arrived without cowgirl hats and decided, with only 25 minutes until start time, that they needed hats.  So off they went and returned in time with the cutest inexpensive hats!  Right on, sisters! 


sotf nw 2013 163


Look at that great beach!


sotf nw 2013 165 (800x600)



sotf nw 2013 169 (800x600)



sotf nw 2013 179 (800x599)


Great surf, fabulous weather!


sotf nw 2013 173 (800x600)



sotf nw 2013 187 (800x543)


Beautiful skies!


sotf nw 2013 184 (800x625)


Great Sand, Super Sisters!


sotf nw 2013 172


It doesn’t get much better than this…..


See you all next week.  I’m off to Seattle for my Mom’s 90th birthday.   I will post again tomorrow and then you are on your own for a few days.  Have a great weekend!



  1. Awesome! When I was a little girl, we would go to the beach often and I saw riders on the beach. It's been one of my dreams ever since! ♥

  2. What fun! Enjoy your time with your Mom!
    xo Kris

  3. Your life is full of so many wonderful adventures!! Good for you!! So happy to see you out there kicking up your heels!
    Nothing beats horseback riding on the beach!!
    Have a great trip to Seattle....will patiently await your arrival home busy gal!

  4. What fun you have Karen..Love riding on the beach..Happy Birthday to your Mom...

  5. You guys have too much fun, I bet there is tons of laughter all day long.


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