Saturday, July 13, 2013

Escaping to the Woods

Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 113


‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ and I escaped to Lake Easton State Park, here in Washington, for a few days this week. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 109


I had a fabulous view from my campsite!


 Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 115


I loved all the trees in the site. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 117


I enjoyed lovely long walks, every morning on great walking trails.


 Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 221


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 167


There were stunning views, as I walked around the lake.


 Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 174


There were bridges and even a tunnel, built into the rock. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 181


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 186


I had a lot of fun with taking these pictures because most tunnel pictures are just too dark but here the sun was in a perfect spot.


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 187




Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 180


There was lots of flora and fauna, too. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 196


Here is the view of the State Park from across Lake Easton.  I believe those are the Cabinet Mountains in the background.


 Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 200


It just doesn’t get any better than this.  I loved this walk so much I did it three days in a row. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 224



Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 233


Every campsite was lovely and here is a site just for you. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 239


Or how about this one?


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 226


Or you can just slip right into this chair and enjoy the view….



  1. Okay ... now I'm just as green as those trees with envy. Was just thinking this morning when I got up that there is no place in this country I would rather live than in Washington State.

  2. Oh my, each and every picture is like a postcard. So beautiful and peaceful. I know you enjoyed it and wish I could go there right this minute! Have a good weekend.

  3. Aw! Looks like a peaceful and refreshing get away for you! ♥

  4. It looks heavenly and I'm so happy you shared it with us. I'm so envious especially since we are in a heat wave here in Arizona.

  5. beautiful photos Karen(:)
    you travel with my dear friend Maren.. sometimes..

  6. How come some travel site or travel magazine hasn't snapped you up to do monthly travel stories on glamping?

  7. What beautiful country..You're so lucky..Love the tunnel..Did you go by yourself? Great job with the pictures..

  8. I loved the pictures, all of them, from the moss and lichen closeup to the amazing vistas of mountains and water. Your trip looks truly beautiful and peaceful.

  9. Looks like a beautiful park--we might have to venture there soon. Did you go in the middle of the week--it looks like there weren't many campers. We went to a Canyon Creek campground near here and it filled up by Thursday night. We are retired so we usually go during the week to avoid a crowded campground and this was the first time it was so busy during the week. JoAnn


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