Friday, July 12, 2013

Maxwell’s First Birthday

Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 032 (644x800)


This little man, got to celebrate his first birthday with Camden, who also turned one, this last week.


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 051 (551x800)


They were born one day apart.


  Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 086 (507x800)


Big brother, Grayson, who is four, couldn’t wait to eat a cupcake. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 093


Maxwell wasn’t shy about it either. 


Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 102 (800x600)


This is serious fun!


 Maxwell's BD and Lake Easton 105 (800x600)


The packaging is always the most fun…..


Happy Birthday to my dear daughter…Tracy!  You have two wonderful boys!  I am so proud of you! 


July is a big birthday month for this family.  My Mom’s 90th on July 1, Maxwell’s first on the 5th and my daughter’s today, the 12th. 


  1. Happy happy Birthday to your beautiful family!! Grayson is adorable!

  2. A happy birthday to all. Precious boys. Have a good Friday and weekend ahead.

  3. Happy birthday everyone...Great looking family you have..


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