Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Valentine Glamping

cori and maxwell 028


A couple weeks ago, (where has all the time gone), I went glamping at Cori’s house with a few other Sisters on the Fly. 


cori and maxwell 004


Here’s Sherry cute Aladdin, dressed up in a genie motif.


 cori and maxwell 001


Cori’s glamper.


cori and maxwell 027


It was a little late or way early, depending on your view point, for Valentine’s Day but we really got excited when the vintage Valentines came out.


  cori and maxwell 007 

Can you believe this?  It is totally amazing.  


cori and maxwell 081


Many of the cards dated back to the early 1900’s.  They all belonged to one family.  And were as recent and 50’s. 


cori and maxwell 117


I will share more of these sometime around next Valentine’s. 


cori and maxwell 029


We all had a fabulous time, Cori!  Thanks so much for hosting and the karaoke on Saturday night was so much fun!  Thanks, to your wonderful friends for running the show. 


cori and maxwell 023


It was such a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. 


cori and maxwell 015 


cori and maxwell 058


I loved meeting your Alpacas and super cute goats! 


cori and maxwell 052


Don’t you just love that face?


 cori and maxwell 038



cori and maxwell 109


We had beautiful sunrises and sunsets.


 cori and maxwell 095 


cori and maxwell 106


Thanks, Cori, can’t wait to do it again!










  1. Every time I see pictures of Sisters On The Fly campouts I want to see more !This looks like so much fun, makes me want a teardrop trailer of my own. Maybe one day ....

  2. Beautiful pics Karen! What happened with that one goats ears??
    xo Kris

    1. I think that one is called a Nubian goat...they don't have big ears. Isn't he a cutie pie?

  3. Makes me what a camper each time I see how much fun you are having and the people you are meeting.

  4. Another fun time with the gals...Cute goat..I think he's a "nubie"..Loved your pictures..Thanks for sharing..

  5. That's an awesome looking space. So glad that you all had a grand time and thanks for sharing.


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