Thursday, May 15, 2014

Separating the Girls From the Boys

more chicks 013


I’m 90% sure Mae West (the mostly white one) is a rooster.  S\He has been making some rather strange noises…..darn, but she is going to be gorgeous!  I am a little concerned about his personality…won’t let me near him.  I would love to keep him if he behaves.


more chicks 048


And check this out, that is Calamity Jane on the right….from the look of h/his crown….I would say that this is a rooster, too.  But look at Pocahontas….she is just as well endowed.  And I know she is a girl, as she is a Golden Sex Link. 


more chicks 057


And here is another Barred Rock on the left, with no crown at all, same age!  This is Belle Star.  So…needless to say, I am confused.  At this count I have two roosters and four hens, but I haven’t heard a peep out of Calamity James!


more chicks 066


The Chicken Mansion will reveal all in good time.  I plan to let the girls and boys free range when I return from another glamping trip on Sunday.


I must apologize, I was able to download the pictures from Salmon River, however, I can’t find them anywhere.  The geek was here to see me do it, so maybe he will let me know where they are.  In the mean time I promise to get more photos this weekend. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Only time will tell, I just hope they all continue to be one big happy family in their chicken mansion. Have fun on your glamping adventure.

  2. LOL- Chicks can be confusing...and blond chicks like me can REALLY be confusing! Have fun glamping. I am jealous- xo Diana

  3. looks like three roosters........

  4. Time will sort it all out. Everyone looks so good!

  5. All good looking chickens! Still waiting to see if I have any roosters! Have a wonderful trip! xox

  6. I think you might want to change Mae West's name to Adam West. Remember the old actor (Batman)? Anyways...since he would be your first "man" chicken, then Adam seems right for him!!

    also...a lot of my hens have big combs like your girls....don't lose heart...they may still be gals.


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