Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sheesh…How Many Geeks Does It Take….

flowers 005


I could not believe how this day started...  I was excited, as THE GEEK was coming to fix my computer virus.  Yay, right?   

Well, not so much as the minutes ticked by….I guess I should start at the beginning.

I decided to turn on the sprinklers yesterday… one cycle would not turn off… the sprinkler guy.  Ok, now I have TWO GEEKS coming.

Two days ago I started charging the marine battery in my trailer, I was going to need it this Thursday for a dry camping weekend.  Not charging.  Called the neighbor ‘GEEK” he adjusted my settings….another whole night…no charged battery.  Long story short after some more help…I took it back into my hands and called the company that made the charger.  We reset it …...  Neighbor GEEK came back, said it wasn’t charging.  While he went to lunch (how could he?) I reset it again and now it seems to be charging.  Am I now a GEEK?


chicks 042


Please, oh, please!  Computer Geek, doesn’t show up.  I am fit to be tied.  I can’t download pictures to my computer…so no blog posts.  What’s a post without a picture, I say! So while I am waiting for the computer GEEK, I try to print a recipe.  Jams my printer….do you think I can fix it with the printer (GEEK) directions…..that’s a NO.  It is REALLY jammed!


 flowers 002

I persist…..the computer GEEK arrives two hours late.  Fixes problem in an hour and a half.

Battery in the trailer seems to be charging…

Sprinkler GEEK arrived on time…he surprised me!  Ran the system, said everything was working……don’t you know!  I asked him not to leave, as when computer GEEK left…I had another problem….say, why don’t you just check out the whole system…..  Luckily everything worked fine!  I am exhausted herding all these GEEKS.  So far everything is fixed….I am so excited but exhausted!

How many GEEKS do you need?

 I promise some new pictures soon.  The peony pictures are from last year but don’t you just love my huge tub of petunias? 



  1. Yikes!!! Glad you got it all up and running but isn't it just the most frustrating thing when nothing seems to work. The rest of the day should go just fine (fingers crossed!)

  2. Yeah, for the geeks!!! Hope everything stay working. My batteries wouldn't charge so I need to replace them, but wet dry camping without. Still had a blast. Guess What? I have a new camera, now I need the Geek to teach me how to work it. Have a blast camping!!!!

  3. Now that is one busy day full of Geeks! Bless your heart! You will need a nap today! Glad things are working now! xox

  4. Yikes, that many geeks in one day! Love the petunias in your tub. Can't wait to see the other photos and glad he was able to get your computer back up and running again.

  5. I'll bet you had a reset button,then you could reset the whole day. I hate those days when every thing seems to turn to stone.

  6. Always something, isn't it!!!! Yikes!!
    XO Kris

  7. LOL, Karen. The geeks have it! Every family needs a few geeks~ xo Diana

  8. Simplify...simplify....simplify ! Which is probably what you tried to do with all this geek stuff...but sometimes it is best to stay with what we know...


"Life is a big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can." Danny Kaye

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