Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Daze

rierside 028


I got to spend some time down at Riverside State Park, here in Spokane. with a couple of friends, for a couple of nights last week.


  rierside 029


It was gorgeous, as usual, and this time very hot.  If you notice the water line…it was down about two feet from the first part of June, when I was here for Farm Chicks weekend. 


rierside 003 


At home the girls, down to three, as the other three were roosters, are growing and very happy now that the boys are gone.  I got my first egg yesterday from this one, Annie Oakley. 


rierside 020


Sunset have been gorgeous these super hot days. 


rierside 007


Have a great weekend. 





  1. Great photos. Sun has been coming up so RED the last few days due to the smokey air. Off to do my Hospice thing now. Talk later, S

  2. Oh . . . and your blog banner looks great. Did it come out as wide as you wanted it?

    1. I would like it a bit wider....hummmmm, think I will try that next time. How much could I try for?

  3. Beautiful pictures. I always find hens much more happy and relaxed without a rooster around.

  4. Beautiful pictures. They show how hot it is if that's possible. Have a good weekend.


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