Sunday, July 20, 2014

Long Hot Days of Summer…

fire 002


….bring long hot fires.  This one hit close to home and some were being evacuated nearby.


  fire 005


Things were tense and all I can think about is…”what should I take”?  A really scary thought….what are the most important things?  My animals are dear to me but I’m not sure the chickens could come along.  What would you do?


My first thoughts are photos…of my loved ones, here in the now and those I have lost.  But then you think, nothing matters as much as life, not your home, nor your possessions!  Just the essentials, you can start all over on the rest.  So I would have hitched up ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ and I would have had a new home on the road.  And you know, I would have had the essentials, ‘cause she is already packed with them.  As she always is throughout the summer.


So my plan was….fill my tote with the essentials, phone, camera, money, the irreplaceable photo albums, business files and then hook up my vintage trailer and head out.  A plan in the making.  Do you think I forgot something?


Just to let you know we are on high alert here.  The copters with water buckets are flying over but we are not in immediate danger yet.  I will keep you posted.


  1. I am so sorry! I am here in Moscow and we can smell the smoke to the south and west of us. It seems cloudy but it's from the smoke. I hope all the fires will be under control soon. ♥

  2. I've often wondered what I would take if I had to evacuate. I think your plan is good. Miss Daisy would provide you a home away from home and she is already familiar to you so you would be comforted by having her near. Praying for all of you who are on the edge and for those who have had to get out and for those who have lost everything.

  3. The only thing I would do differently, I might move the chickens to someones else's place in a safe place, AND.... I would go ahead and hitch it up BEFORE the alerts changed....What I have learned about myself, under pressure I can't get the ball under the hitch to save my life. Pictures for sure and sweet little Dash of course!

    1. You might be right about hitching up first...I did think that was a good idea, as when stressed, things don't go well. I don't know anyone who has a place for chickens.

  4. Am so sorry to hear that you are in one of these areas. I think that you've pretty much got it all save for personal things like birth certificates & those kind of things, house/property papers, other papers like IRAs, bank account #s etc. You could always put the chickens in a dog crate and worry about where to put them later, if it came down to that. Usually people let people know. I saw something today on facebook where there are a couple of places to put horses and they will even go & pick them up so people will help. I'll be thinking of you often and please let us know.

  5. Don't forget your laptop...there is probably much information on it...taxes, etc. I have many photo on mine. Take care,,, I understand the stress. I live in the forest and have made plans that are much like yours.

  6. Wow, so sorry to hear this, talk about stress. Yes, get Miss Daisy hooked up and start packing. You will have plenty of time to unpack but so little time to pack. Prayers are sent your way!!

  7. I love your list Karen! I need to copy it. Isn't it wonderful having our little trailers for this kind of thing! You know what? I would take my chickens! xox

  8. Got to take the animals. Sounds like you have a working plan. I hope you don't have to use it. Stay safe.


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