Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet September Sunsets

chix 013


My girls on a ‘walkabout’ in the late setting sun. 


chix 011


The light was awesome and all of these pictures are un-retouched. 


chix 016


I just love the old barbed wire hanging on the old wood fence poles…..all around my property.  So nostalgic.

 chix 022


Almost looks like a moon dog there but it’s just glare on the camera.


 chix 018


They say you shouldn’t take a shot directly into the sun but I kinda’ like the effects.


chix 027


This is one of the last Hollyhocks blooming.

Savor the last of the September sunsets, this month is almost gone….can you believe it? 


  1. Yes ... the sunsets have been amazing. You definitely have captured them with your camera!

  2. Gorgeous shots! I love sunsets.

  3. Your sunset are amazing. I love the old barbwire also! Our blooms are coming to and end and I will miss there added color. But the trees in our area are spectacular! Have fun on you camping trip this weekend!!

  4. Beautiful!!! Absolutely gorgeous images!!

  5. Great shot Karen! How else do you get a sunset picture without taking a picture directly into the sun? I do that all the time. I like the effects as well. September went by too fast. Happy fall.

  6. Mm, these images were truly awe-inspiring!

    I'm enjoying my trip around your blog today, girl!

    Hugs and happy highways,

    P.S. We're in Canada this week and missing our Li'l Dutchgirl, our nine year old, 24-foot Dutchman travel trailer.

  7. Wow these are so beautiful! The light is perfect & they are such relaxing scenes! You are so talented!


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