Tuesday, October 7, 2014

On The Salmon River

sw 143 


Our semi-annual visit to White Bird, Idaho, took place again this last weekend.  I just love this place!  I went down on Wednesday and returned on Sunday. 


sw 057 



sw 048


Some trailers we hadn’t seen before and some of our old favorites.


sw 019



 sw 106


Some absolutely gorgeous scenery and beautiful weather to boot! 


sw 075


And tons of creativity! 


sw 145



sw 067


I will be back soon with more pictures, I am off to try and find an old baggage door for my trailer.  It flew off this weekend on my way home and even though I spend 2 hours driving and walking the highway…I did not find it.  Wish me luck.


  1. Great pictures of a peaceful, beautiful place. Check out Craig's list. I saw a cargo door on there this weekend. Check out Ericksons RV in Coeur d lene also. Good luck!

  2. So glad I found this blog, it is eye candy to say the least and wrote with humor and interest!

  3. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!! Is that the door to your lil camper? Did any of your stuff fall out? Obviously, I'm not very versed on glamping trailers!!! That scenery up there is just gorgeous....can't wait to see shots of that river!!

  4. Wow! Another beautiful trip Karen! To bad about your baggage door! Good luck finding one. xox

  5. Well, it's good to know other people lose parts off their vintage trailers, too. I just hope no one was hit by your baggage door! On my last two excursions, I lost a vent cover, and then the lower part of one of my jalousie windows! It's hard to find replacement parts on these old trailers, so good luck! P.S.: I LOVE your photos!


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