Friday, October 31, 2014

Fabulous Fridays

fall 011 

I just love taking Fall photos.  The contrast between the sky and the earth is always so amazing.  The colors just reach out and grab you!  No retouching needed at all.


fall 004


I’m a real cloud watcher this time of year.


fall 012




fall 015


Everywhere I look, I get a magnificent sky. 


fall 029


It is ever changing and oh, so pretty. 


fall 041 


Just wait a few minutes and it will become a whole other scene.



 fall 008 


It looks a bit cold out, huh?


fall 006




fall 016


The Coleus are the last blooms of the season.  These will be gone so very very soon.  We have already had frosts here but these have hung in. I just love the pretty deep rich colors.  I used Sweet Potato vines last year and really loved them, I’ll do that again next year, as I missed them.


Have a great weekend.  I am heading out with Ms. Daisy to winter her at White Bird, Idaho.  I’ll be back late Wednesday.


fall 033 


  1. Have a safe trip! Let me know when you get back. S

  2. Beautiful as always!! You and Ms. Daisy have a safe trip and enjoy the beautiful sky along the way.

  3. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing. We are finally getting some cooler weather this weekend. Safe travels.

  4. looking out at your pasture, makes me want to hitch up my trailer and head up to your "Kamp Karen's... >^..^<
    miss you and the gang, and my lil Dashy-phoo too!

  5. Beautiful photos...hope the trip was wonderful!!!


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