Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Chicken Mansion

chicken mansion 005


My girls have it made….I mean how sweet is this?


chicken mansion 004


There is art work, a pristine place to snuggle, a chandelier for awesome ambiance and, of course, all the special treats (happy corn) that go along with this.


run 012


Exterior garden rooms with crystal clear glowing sunsets.  Can it get any better than this?


my girls 037


Probably not…..

Well, maybe we could remove the main chicken herder….Ha!


I actually saw the girls gravitate to him  tonight….they are use to a rooster leading the way. So all is well at the Chicken Mansion tonight.  Sleep tight, girls, and dream …..of sweet perfect eggs.


  1. Wonderful job! ♥

  2. How , oh, how do you keep it so pristine??? Do you sweep cob webs daily, scoop chicken poop daily??? Plus where does the dust go. Love, love your chicken mansion, swoon!!!

  3. LOL, Karen- those chickens have it better than a lot of people do....and they don't even KNOW how lucky they are. Gorgeous digs!!!! xo Diana

  4. That is so gorgeous, Karen. I love that they can check themselves out in the mirror before greeting the day. haha!

  5. It's a chicken paradise is what it is! Love it!


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