Monday, October 13, 2014

Just Another Walkabout

chix 031


Ms. Belle Star just loves to get out in the yard for a walkabout everyday.


 chix 034


Ms. Kitty, (Gunsmoke), in the foreground and Annie Oakley, doing what they do best. 

chix 036



chix 043



chix 044


I started out with six chickens…..and ended up with three girls and three boys!  Way too much testosterone!!


 chix 053


That’s right, mama!  Thanks, for finding new homes for those boys.


  1. I adore, yes adore your chickens. They are so beautiful. When I was a child we had chickens for fresh eggs even though we lived in the city. There is no flavor like the egg flavor from chickens that lay fresh eggs and have had an organic diet. I would love to have chickens - but, I don't. Just as, I would love to have a Vintage Trailer - but, I don't.

    Ms. Daisy is the Finest! Say hello to her for me. No, I am not a crazy lady, but maybe I am and that is Good!


  2. I just love your chickens! They have personalities and are so much fun. I as the "egg collector" on our farm as a kid..and we had some MEAN ones! lol xo Diana

  3. Your hens are looking like they love that free ranging! Especially before it really gets cold there! xox

  4. Love the rump shot way off in the distance in the 3rd photo from the bottom!! So how many chickens do you have? 3 or 4? do I need to send you another ceramic chicken???


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