Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Swiftwater on the Salmon River

sw 153


It doesn’t get much better than this….a cheery campfire, right on the river.  Pretty gorgeous, huh?


 sw 022


Glamping at it’s best!  Are we having fun yet?


sw 023


Pretty in pink.


 sw 024


You may want to grab a cup of coffee, this is a very long post. 


sw 026


I just love the name of this trailer!


 sw 034 



sw 032 



sw 031 



sw 094


And what do we have here?  I think ‘RunAmuk’ was apply named.


sw 093 



sw 098


This young lady was having just as much fun, as we all did!


sw 035


This Kit Companion has one of my favorite layouts…it rocks. 


sw 037



sw 038


Look at all that cupboard space!

 sw 039


But my favorite part of all…this fabulous wraparound kitchen with the bedroom in the back.


sw 074


Always prepared for more adventure.


sw 043 



sw 046


So many clever ideas….


sw 047


One of our friends bought camps in style, she just bought a brand new Airstream. 


sw 049



 sw 051


And it’s a real beauty….leather seats, full bath, TV, you name it. 


sw 054



sw 056


Now that’s camping in style.

 sw 109


Such beautiful views.


sw 087


I’ll be back to share more later.


  1. Looks so peaceful & quiet save for all the laughter. All the units look fabulously decorated. And, what a surprise with the new airstream, awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Airstream looks amazing..but all the little ones have such personality and are very individualistic. Looks like a beautiful spot. Glad youhad great weather. Hope you found your luggage door.

    1. No luck on the luggage door, I went back again today....two hours. I found one at an RV place that I think can be made to work....but paint etc will be needed. Bummer.

  3. Well, as always, I'm hugely jealous! Hopefully someday Birdie and I can enjoy some gatherings like this in our part of the world. You girls are just so, so, very far away!
    Looks like a wonderful time!

  4. Now the airstream with full bath is my kind of camping. BUT you are correct with that wrap around kitchen!!! I love that layout in that old camper. have not seen that layout before.


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