Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dash Reporting...What I want for Christmas..



…..First off….how about some more of those warm summer days…my very first baby toy (yep. that’s the one) I can’t have too many of those, kitty poop in the yard (oooheeee)…best ever, and cool grass beneath my paws.

Ok, I might just like to sleep with my Ma under the covers…that just might be the BEST THING EVER!!  (Not sure she will let me after she reads this!)

The best thing ever….I almost forgot, I love going camping in ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ and we are going off to the Salmon River for a few days.  See you back here on Thursday.

What’s on your Christmas list?


  1. Oh Dash, you are way too cute! So I assume you are on Santa's good list and will get everything you wish for. Take care of Mama and have a safe trip to the Salmon River. Shhh, I'm a little envious of your camping trip!!

  2. Burrrrrrrr. Isn't it too cold for camping? I'm a wiennie!!! Ha. Have fun.

  3. I have a Bichon who is the world to my hubby and me!! Her name is Keeper and as I type this she is pressed against me, her favorite spot to snuggle and sleep. Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hope to see you next year at the campgrounds, Dash Pup!

  5. Hope you get everything your sweet little heart desires Dash. You take good care of your mom and have fun on your camping trip.

  6. What an adorable picture. – He Is so cute.I hope Santa heard his wishes.

  7. Oh my what a sweet bundle, wishing all your wishes come true. Except maybe the poop in the yard - that's on Betsy beagles wish list here at Coral Cottage. Happy camping.


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