Saturday, December 6, 2014

Winter Vintage Trailer Camping (reposting from Dec. '14)

sw Dec 039

Spending four nights this week on the Salmon River in December was a real treat. 

sw Dec 033

It was cold, snow up there on the hill tops, but it was lovely weather….even some sun. 

sw Dec 026

I even got to do a little Christmas decorating, I couldn’t wait…..see that cute oil can Christmas tree?…it was an awesome gift from my camping neighbor, Sherry.  And yes, she made it out of all vintage Christmas decorations!  I love it.
 sw Dec 030

I just never get tired of seeing this fantastic country…what a view!

 sw Dec 034

sw Dec 036

There was only one other couple staying in the park and they were gone each day so Sherry and I, plus our dogs, Jada and Dash had this lovely place to ourselves.  (With the exception of the owners, Anna and Duane who live on the property.)

sw Dec 044

Since I wasn’t expecting a gift tree, I had brought one of my own.  I got this last year as my grandma had one of these and it’s was such a wonderful memory, I had to get one. 

 sw Dec 013

It was cold but not windy and I had my new infrared heater to keep me warm when I wasn’t outside.  We enjoyed walks with our dogs and hanging out….playing lots of Rumikub. 
A bit of ice and slush driving home on Thursday but since we weren’t hauling trailers….no problem.

I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this old post from December 2014.  I'll be down again in a couple weeks winter camping in my 17' Bigfoot, Steel Magnolia.  I'll post some Christmas pictures for you then.  


  1. I am green with envy! All the touches you added are perfect! The picture of the gazebo is beautiful. A perfect little getaway.

  2. Oh Karen, what fantastic fun! I would so love to be along with you on one of your camping trips!!! (Well, not one, all!!) Your oil can tree is fabulous! I love it. I remember those old oil cans in my Grandpa's garage. Wish I had one now to make a tree!!! Your trailer is set up so cozy! Love the heater, and the light up tree like your Grandma had! I am so glad I get to see other parts of the world through your camera lens and lovely descriptions here on your blog! Happy December my friend!
    xo Kris

  3. What a gorgeous place to camp..Love your pictures...My Mother in law used to do ceramics and there were several of those trees,all different sizes, throughout the family...Glad your trip home was safe..

  4. Such a gorgeous view. Can one fish in the river? You Christmas tree was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It must be great fun to go camping in December :). Love your little trees in your trailer, so cute! Are you planning a few more trips up there through the "off-season"? Enjoy the holidays!

  6. SOOOO very cute Karen!!! Love it! Merry Christmas! XOX

  7. Awesome eye candy - thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm envious too! what a pretty area.. and you were SO lucky not to be snowed in or hit with snowstorms on your drive. Love how you've decorated your sweet little home away from home... is so festive and fun.


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