Saturday, April 4, 2015

Silly Saturday

lunch 015


Dash here…..reporting the latest.  I am getting accustomed to sitting at the dining room table, lately.  I know, you think Mom is now serving me….right?  NOT!  Wish she would! 

In order to get near her I have had to take over a chair because she is working on another one of those things with all the little pieces.  I kinda’ think it could be food….for all the attention it is getting.


 grayson, puzzles 010


She actually plans to take a break today to get me out for some exercise if it’s not too cold.  Yay, I can be on the lookout for cat poop!  Then I will shower Mom with kisses….I know she will love that!

I’ll check back soon to give you more updates.  I am keeping a close eye on her, I am a bit worried but she is trying hard to get back her strength. 

Wet kisses, Dash


  1. I have a Bichon, too!!! I LOVE mine and Dash is adorable!! You need to post more of Dash!!

  2. Dash is beautiful. My parents have one, they are such lovely dogs. Hope mum takes you out when the sun is shining.
    Happy Easterr . Only Doggie choc.

  3. Hi, Dash-man. You encourage her to get those puzzles accomplished. You two were made for each other.


  4. Hey Dashypoo..
    Hugz to your mom and wet kisses to you,
    The Katz and auntie grace >^..^<

  5. Happy Easter, Dash..Mollie is always complaining about that thing in my lap (computer)..I guess you two don't get enough attention :)
    I'll take Mollie out while I try to do some work in the yard in a little while...Take care of your Mom...She's special..

  6. Dash you are such a sweetheart! Glad you are taking real good care of your mama! xox


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