Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I Got to Go Camping!

WB 040


It was the annual Spring Rendezvous at Swiftwater RV on the Salmon River in Idaho and time for ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ to come home after spending the winter.


 WB 048


There was 28 of us with our fun trailers.  Most were vintage, some not so much. 


WB 034


The weather was gorgeous. WB 018


And of course, there was much glamping going on…..


 WB 028


This has always been one of my favorite trailers…don’t you just love the reflection in the window, too?



I just had to share this picture, that my friend, Juli, took of my trailer.  Love it. 


Making this a short post today…more beautiful trailers later…hope you stop back to enjoy them.


  1. Oh my goodness! What fun! Love this! xo Karen

  2. Well, good for you Karen! Some fresh air and some glamping is good for the heart and soul! XOX

  3. Great to meet you and enjoy your blog too! Here's to many more amazing experiences together! Cheers dearest!

  4. Glad you got to go! I'm praying for your improving health issues! I'm getting anxious to get our little trailer out and about!
    Have to wait until Robin is done with her school year!
    Love the pics!

  5. Am so glad you felt like going and doing this. I know that you had an awesome time. Can't wait to see the rest of the trailers. Much FUN!

  6. Such beautiful scenery and no doubt it was a great time!

  7. Good for you! I bet you were as ready as Driving Ms. Daisy after that long winter.

  8. Awesome! my trailer and I have our 1st outing the 1st weekend of June... so need my glamping fix.. Glad you got yours.. hugz
    Wqgons HO!

  9. Glad you could go...Tis the season...I'm sure it was a blast..

  10. Hi Karen, It is so good that you went to the spring trip. I just got back from a spring trip here in western Oregon with Vintage Women with Trailers. We had 28 trailers with 32 ladies. Beautiful weather too.

  11. Hey there! Playing catch-up with you and Miss Daisy! Happy Mother's Day!



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