Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Vintage Trailer Camping

migs 042


I got to sneak away for another camping trip this last weekend to the Coeur ‘d Alene area of Idaho….a gorgeous one, I might add.


migs 019


There were 15 trailers and 19 campers (girls). 


migs 020


We all had a blast.  Some thrifting, some antiquing, lunch out, and lots of relaxing in camp.


migs 024 



migs 025


Much of it around was around the pool…isn’t that suppose to be the campfire?  Our water wings got tested….we had some very heavy rains and even some hail…but it didn’t dampen our spirits.  As long as I am camping it can do whatever it wants!


 migs 009



migs 004


We had a Sisters on the Try (she had never camped…can you imagine?), a tenter and a large canopy tent that we all crowded into when it was hailing.


migs 010


There was a trailer on it’s maiden voyage….at least for it’s new owner, Juli.  And what a trailer it was!  A Chief…apply named.


 migs 012


The interior…just so gorgeous!


  migs 014



migs 013


Look at that fridge!

  migs 017


I’ll be back to share more of this fun weekend with all of you sweet ladies.




  1. My hubby is from Coeur d'Alene, so I know the beauty you enjoyed on your weekend away. Much of his family is still there, so we take the trip out from our central New York State home every few years. We have rolling hills, large lakes and farmlands all around, but I know he misses those mountains.

  2. What fun. Love how she just painted around the edge of the drawers and cupboards. Looks sharp.

  3. What fun!!!!!
    PS Love the pic in previous post of you!!!

  4. Karen- You have no idea what a BIG smile it puts on my face to see these camping posts. I SOOO wish I could join you gals. That sounds like so much fun and so relaxing to be with people that love the same things you do! What fun. xo Diana ps. I am just a LITTLE jealous!
    pps-Thanks for all your sweet visits and comments on my blog---love ya, sistah!

  5. Thanks for sharing all the pics. I love CDLane!

  6. I can't get enough of these little camping trips and all the sweet vintage trailers! Love the kiddie pool idea. The jean jacket with all the badges is wonderful. xo Karen

  7. Thanks for sharing and so glad that you have been able to do this.

  8. More great pics! I have a jean jacket like that with all my SOTF badges on it! xox

  9. Great jacket !! A newbie among you..She has to be hooked now..What a way to start camping :)

  10. One day I will make this trek with my Eastern WA and ID sisters, all of whom are adventurous, fun-loving, creative, lovingly strong women!

  11. Love the first trailer..Gorgeous decor..great job..The polka dotted one is adorable..Love the fish in the net..Always fun to see them all..Have a Happy weekend..


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