Friday, May 22, 2015

Vintage Trailer Sweetness….

migs 032


This vintage trailer just pops with color.  I love it!  Well, yes, I could be partial since it is the same as my trailer just a couple years newer….a 1971.

migs 033 


I think it is amazing how different it looks in another color combo.  Sweet! 


migs 031


It’s just so refreshing.  Great job, Lisa!


 migs 037 



migs 054


Here I am in the back corner right after the rain storm. 


migs 021


Trailer art is everywhere.  Don’t you love it? 


migs 036


migs 035


And here we have the turquoise corner…..


 migs 044


Love the colors in this ‘64 Aladdin.


 migs 043


She had an extra bunk mate but you can see the gorgeous wallpaper painted ceiling she did…a very pretty silver. 


migs 046


She even caulk painted the garbage can and table! 


migs 058


How about some polka dots?


 migs 057


I will be back to share some more pictures of this last weekend.  I am sure many of you are out enjoying the great out of doors this weekend.  Have a great time.


Finally saw the Cardiologist last Monday and I am now on a new Beta Blocker and a newer blood thinner called, Eliquis.  He is hoping the BB will calm my heart down a bit more and also not make me as tired.  I mean who wants to nap once or twice a day?  Ha!  At some point if that doesn’t really work I might have a Pace Maker put in….ugh. 


Have a great holiday weekend!



  1. Oh- That is the cutest little trailer. I just LOVE it!!!! I am so jealous of all you sweet gals spending time in those sweet little campers.
    I am so sorry to hear about your heart problems. Hopefully, the meds will take care of your problems and you won't need a pacemaker...BUT...if you do-they are so much different today than they were years ago....and you will do fine with it if you need it.
    Blessings- Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. xo Diana

  2. Love the "tin ceiling." What fun.

  3. So much cuteness! glad you can still get out and have fun!!! ♥

  4. I just love all the color coordination on these little beauties! It all looks like so much fun! Hoping the BB works for you - sending positive thoughts. xo Karen

  5. Oh Karen, what is it about Lime & Tangerine that just brings a grin to ones face! What a fun color combo!


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