Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Here We Go

'Driving Ms. Daisy' is clamoring to hit the road.  She is almost ready for Yellowstone.  

Load her up, head her we come!  

I had a couple visitors this week.  They were just passing through but I got a butt shot for you.....

Here's a face shot of the owners....

Have a great week.


  1. Yeah! Have fun....and is that an Aristocrat I see? Oh do tell:)

  2. Awe, too fun Karen!!! Sweet pics and you look GREAT! XOX

  3. Awww...Karen!!!! What fun...but I am a bit aghast that you would post BUTT shots on your blog! lol Naughty girl!!! Have fun glamping/camping/cramping...oh-forget the cramping. xo Diana
    ps. Thanks for such sweet comments on my blog- Love ya girlie! xoDiana

  4. Love the butt shots…trailers are awesome. I hope to have one soon. Retirement is looking pretty good!!!


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