Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday


This photo was taken in 1937 in a Florida RV park.  More of a permanent housing area, rather than day to day camping.  Camping by the week with power and water…$1 a week…wasn’t that quite a bit in the 30’s?




Love the add-on here for extra room, especially nice when it rains.  She looks like she is getting a lot of knitting done…look at all the hats.  It seems unusual to see them all wearing slacks….not that I blame them.




Returning home from school and work. 



Work camp during the 30’s.  Love the windows in that trailer….  What I wouldn’t give for that one!




Could this be the first motorhome?  Love those doors that open backwards….were they called suicide doors?


Some of the pictures above came from Old Picture of the Day a fun blog if you like old photos.



  1. Wow- Imagine how hard it would have been to live like that long term with little kids and getting all dressed for school and work in the confines of a small space. Amazing photos, Karen. Thanks so much. Yep-those are called suicide doors! xo Diana

  2. Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are wonderful old photos and scenes from the past! I did live in a travel trailer with 4 little ones while building our home - for 3 long years. It was a 32 ft. Nomad, circa 1962. Had a full kitchen and bath, but it was tough. Wish I had that old beauty now, but we couldn't wait to sell it once we moved into the house. xo Karen

  4. Love the old trailers..Would not like to have lived like that..You do it for fun!! Yes, they are called suicide doors...Thanks for sharing..Enjoy your trip...


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