Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Décor?

pumpkin 002


Many of you might recognize the little pot holder under the pumpkin.  Yep, those little homemade pot holder kits that many children made for their parents and grandparents over the years. 

My Grandson, Greyson, six, made this one and I found this adorable ceramic pumpkin at Trader Joe’s…succulent and all….well, not the spider…that’s my only claim to Halloween décor.


  1. Gooood grandma!!!!!
    I bet Greyson was pleased to see his contribution to the holiday decor.....

  2. OH- I so remember making those potholders as a kid and then my own kids made them, too. Might be a fun gift for SweetCheeks here for Christmas. Your little pumpkin is adorable but I could have done without the kind of creep me out! xo Diana

  3. Very attractive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's about the extent of my Halloween decorating! I used to love it as a little girl.. as a way to get candy.. that's about it. I never could figure out why everyone is so gung ho on Halloween! I went all out this year and spent $1 at the Dollar Tree and bought an orange hanging skeleton with movable arms and legs.. and hung it outside our front door! That's it folks! We've always lived in rural areas, so never any trick or treaters.. but this year, our new place is in town so may get a few.. so I got cute pencils and cute erasers to give out. I guess I'm "bah humbug" when it comes to Halloween. There are too many other really meaningful holidays to concentrate on. Love your new header too!

  5. I guess I am bah humbug too, as I always traded my kids Halloween candy for such things too. They just got too much candy. I live where there are no trick or treaters too.


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