Saturday, October 31, 2015

Last Camping Trip 2015

Nov 15 S W 011 (600x800)


The last Fall days camping on the Salmon River are a delight.  It’s been cloudy and gray but I am still having fun.


 Nov 15 S W 024




Nov 15 S W 035


They tore out this old dead cherry orchard and look at the fabulous dirt!  I wonder what they will plant here.  Looks like it might make a fantastic vineyard. 


Nov 15 S W 005


The sky changes constantly…beautiful.



Nov 15 S W 016




Nov 15 S W 017




Nov 15 S W 026


This is the part of the orchard that is being saved.


 Nov 15 S W 027


Low and behold, the sun came out for a few minutes.



  1. What a sweet last trip of the year, Karen. Lucky you and I am glad the sun came out for a bit. That is a great profile picture of you, by the way! xo Diana

  2. Beautiful country..Wonderful scenery..Love the skies..Hope you are having a fun weekend..

  3. Such beautiful scenery. Love that they are saving the orchard. Things are destroyed too quickly. Enjoy!


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