Friday, November 13, 2015

Ever Just Had Enough?



  1. Amen, Karen. Sometimes it is hard to remember that when you have five people pulling your five different ways.
    Thank you, too, for visiting my blog and leaving me such wonderful comments. I LOVE coming here! xo Diana

  2. Absolutely! That's when I head to the yard and this time of year, for me, it is a great time.

  3. Karen this is so true. I just hate it when people try to control, bully or boss me around. Someone in my life is learning that lesson right now.

  4. Yes! I'm about at that point right now! After months and months of looking at houses to buy, and then finding one, and then 2 months of packing, loading, moving, unpacking, cleaning, painting, etc.... I'm WORN OUT! And then "friends" come to town to see the new (to us) place and want to GO GO GO! and when I say I'm too tired to go spend all day shopping or looking or browsing or whatever, they belittle me and call me an old fuddy duddy. Well crap! I'm tired.......... but then I go along with them just like a little puppet... and I NEED to post the above saying and picture right in front of my computer and set my own rules! :-) oh felt so good to vent!

    1. And well you should! Sorry but some people just don't listen when we try to set boundaries. I hope you feel better and get the rest you need!


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