Monday, November 23, 2015

Frosty Mornings

Riverside...dry run BF 024 (768x1024)


My shakedown cruise in the Bigfoot went so well, I stayed three nights at Riverside State Park on the Spokane River.  After our major wind storm, I was surprised to hear there was power at the park but super happy to be able to hit the road.  I found several roads closed due to tree damage on my way down along the river but although there was a fair amount of trees down, for the most part it the park just needed a good cleaning.


Riverside...dry run BF 003 (1024x768)


At one end of the park (G2 for those who know the park) there was quite a lot of damage.  In this area it looked like three tall trees came down blocking the turn around lane.


 Riverside...dry run BF 096


After most of the cleanup….looks like lots of firewood for Farm Chicks next Fall. 


Riverside...dry run BF 094


This was also in the G-2 area, this tree was so long it filled the whole area of grass. 


Riverside...dry run BF 095


There were many more trees down but any that were blocking the roads into the park were already removed.  Many were just laying in the woods.  It is really amazing how big around these trees actually are…I was surprised.  


Riverside...dry run BF 007


I literally had this whole end of the park to myself.  Can you tell I am still hooked up to my trailer?  Well, I spent a long time cranking up the tongue to remove it from the hitch….all while jacking up the car, as well!  I could not get that tongue off the ball.  I really got a workout trying it so many times.  The lock was released and I just could not find anything wrong.  I even backed the car back and forth a bit to try and loosen it.  Nothing like a good start to my dry run, right?

I finally conceded that I needed to ask the camp host for a bit of help, after all isn’t that why he is here?  When the elderly gentleman answered the door with his respirator, I knew I was sunk.  There was one other camper in the park but I saw no sign of activity. 

I decided to ask my SIL to come down the next day to give me a hand…they are only about 10 minutes away.  So I took a nice walk and ran into the rangers and in passing mentioned my hitch problem.  Low and behold, just before dark one came to give me a hand.  We were just giving up, after trying the back up thing again, and as I put it in park it came loose!  Yay!  (Needless to say, I went into town the next day and got grease for the hitch and silicone for the lock.


 Riverside...dry run BF 046


My morning walks were so refreshing….yes, it was cold…19 degrees and on Sunday the last day, I think it was even colder.


Riverside...dry run BF 053 (768x1024) 




Riverside...dry run BF 063 (1024x759)


Take a walk with me…along the Spokane River.


Riverside...dry run BF 066


I love the frost on the weeds along the water. 


Riverside...dry run BF 068


Lots of fresh fallen beauty everywhere I looked. 


Riverside...dry run BF 072 (768x1024)




Riverside...dry run BF 077 (1024x768)


I like this view showing some Fall color, frosty weeds and the icy river…so pretty.


Riverside...dry run BF 104 (2)


Can you feel how cold it was?


 Riverside...dry run BF 107


Don’t I live in a fantastic area of Washington?


 Riverside...dry run BF 114


Are you coming Mom?


Riverside...dry run BF 015


Meanwhile back at camp, I am cozy and toasty warm in my new trailer…..with my buddy, Dash.  Can you see him?

See you next time.



  1. Thought of you as temps dropped. Glad it was a success.

  2. Beautiful! A bit cold for my taste. Thanks for the photos.

  3. Karen, What gorgeous, gorgeous photos. And Dash? Did he DASH off? I must have missed him. Glad you are enjoying yourself and your sweet "home". Have a great Thanksgiving- xo Diana

    1. He is on the bed in the last picture....heehee.

  4. I am wishing that I was there too. I may have been a bit cold in my old Aloha. I have to admit that the Bigfoot makes me a bit envious. The nice things like heat, refrigerator, stove, toilet, etc. I have been wishing for the nice things recently, and a little bigger trailer. I hope that you are home now, it is going to get pretty cold on Tuesday...and lasting several days.

  5. Karen - your photos are always so lovely. I even love the plant picture on the top of your blog! Looks like a great first trip. Wish I could have come, too!! And brought my puppies for a nice walk along the river.

  6. I was going to ask you if you did stay warm and toasty.. but your last photo and sentence said it all! Looks like such a nice quiet and reflective time. What a neat feeling to know you are warm and safe inside your little home. Love your photos too - that area reminds me so much of the Deschutes River down by LaPine!

  7. Cute picture of Dash...Glad you finally got unhitched! gorgeous area..Lovely scenery..Happy Thanksgiving..

  8. What awesome pictures.... Happy Thanksgiving

  9. Ahh,, camping at my absolute Fav Campgrounds... I was there with you is Spirit! hugz to Dashy-pooo

  10. If you get your ball stuck again, try standing on the tow vehicle bumper, the extra weight can pull the ball from the hitch. Just be sure you have a good hold on the vehicle and a secure footing, because you don't want to fall off when it pops loose. Lubricant can help so you are wise to have some.


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