Tuesday, October 25, 2016

So Sorry...

I have so been a bad girl.  I have been downsizing all summer and had my Living Estate sale in September.  It was a big success but so much work!  Months worth in fact.

I did get some camping in this summer but not as much as usual.  I did get the grands out a couple of times...we always have a blast.

And I have gotten in a little crafting....

I had a heart Ablation last Friday and am doing well but very tired.  Just sleeping a lot and hanging out on the couch....thank goodness I can do that.  I am on a couple extra meds and I have a feeling that is part of my lethargy.  I am suppose to be able to do most of my activities in the coming weeks so I am looking forward to that.  Heart healing will take about three months and by then I should know if this worked to silence my A-Fib.

Have a great week...hope to be back to post again soon.


  1. So good to hear from you. Heal quickly so you can be a happy camper once more😊

  2. This is so odd, Karen. I was just thinking about you and thinking that I had not seen a post from you since I started blogging again this fall. I am so glad that you are doing okay and that your procedure went okay. It will take a while for those meds to wear out of your system. Did they tell you that you might have some really achy joints (hips/shoulders) as the 'gas' seeps out of your body. That is the way it expels-through your joints. A lot of people aren't told that but maybe you already knew it. Anyway, glad your sale went so nicely. I have been downsizing and purging all summer, too, and we just put our house on the market. They are telling us that it will take a year or two to sell here along the bay.

    Hope you have a great rest of the week recovering and getting your mojo back. xo Diana

  3. Luv the Cards.... and like you, I too haven't Glamped as much as I would have liked, but alas,, there is always next year...
    I hear ya,,, 'Down Sizing",,, we both have big changes in our future and it's all Good!

  4. Nothing to be sorry about..glad you are on the mend..Missed you..I didn't know that you made cards..They look lovely..I hope you'll be glamping again ..I guess the season is nearing it's end..Good to hear from you..Happy fall

  5. Glad to see that you are doing as well as can be expected. Rest, and it will get better with time. Thanks for checking in. I did miss you.

  6. I've missed you too! wondered where you were and how you are. Your photos are beautiful and love your cards. Let me/us know how you feel with time. I am sorry you had to have that procedure. I was dreading that I might have to, but for some reason, my A-Fib has almost gone away... now doc says it's PVC's... (premature venticular contractions) which is not as dangerous as A-Fib. Every once in awhile though, I may have a full day with the irregular pitter pat of my ticker which is a little scary... seems to be caused by a food that I eat with preservatives or fillers, etc... a poor night's sleep or too much sugar. Anyway.... hope the procedure helps you totally! Take care... rest.... deep breathe....and if the meds continue to make you too lethargic, let the doc know as that means the dose could be too high. Enjoy this beautiful Fall..... Marilyn

  7. So good to have you back! Lovely photos and your cards are wonderful! Sending hugs to you and positive thoughts and prayers. xx Karen

  8. Karen, I hope your recovery is a quick one. I will be praying for you.
    Good for you for downsizing. I'm working at it!

  9. So good to hear from you, Karen. I do hope your surgery will be a huge success and you start to feel much better soon. I've started the downsizing process also and it sure does take up the majority of my time. Baby steps, right?Your cards are so pretty, and I'm happy to hear you've been able to get in a little fun crafting.

  10. Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  11. Oh....tell us about that little camper in the first photo!!!

  12. Can you tell me more about your Bigfoot RV? Looks like the perfect size. What is the layout?

    1. It's a 17.5 ft fiberglass trailer made in Canada. Mine has the front table setup with optional bed. Kitchen is on the door side of the trailer with the bath opposite. The rear area is another bed or couch.


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