Friday, August 29, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Where has the summer gone? It just went too fast. I guess when you get older days just go faster, ha! The rain has pasted and we are having lovely cooler days. Love it.
I did not 'win' the chair and table I bid on but I'm glad. I decided I really didn't want a pink desk chair and the computer table had a lowered section in the front that I was really not sure would work for my sewing machine. I got a simple metal desk with a nice large surface and it is going to be ideal. I am set up to sew! New totes here I come!

Pic is looking out the sewing room into my bathroom. The washboard I just picked up at a 'thrift' store and had to pay more than I should but much less than an antique store. And it looks nice there, just have to hang it!

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  1. Hope you take some pictures of your sewing room when you get it under control. Your totes are really really pretty.


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