Monday, August 18, 2008

House spruce up

Hi, Tracy and I have been getting things done! Got most of the base trim down in the sewing room along with all the touchup painting. She also painted the exterior shutters as they had faded badly. Looks all fresh and pretty. Decided to put base trim down in the big closet so she will get that painted today, while I am at the dentist! Ugh, root canal on the front tooth! We got the new faucet put on the upstairs clawfoot tub, it has a sprayer on it and it works great. Of, course, I tried it! It will be great with washing my hair too. I decided to put a new faucet on the sink up there as the really really old one leaks and is all scratched.
I have not had the energy to do much around here as my thyroid and my blood pressure are so low. I guess, since it is 100 here nearly everyday, I have an excuse! Even Dash has been sleeping a lot. He started barking at something in the tree outside the window and I looked out to see squirrel in the tree. It was clinging to the side of the tree, like 'you can't see me here, right' it was so cute! Later, I went upstairs to look in the tree to see if he was still around and he was on the ground in front of the tree with his rear legs spread out behind him!! I could not believe it. Dash does that but I would never guess a wild animal would do that! He was trying to stay cool I guess. It was the darnedest thing I ever saw. I'll post a pic.

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