Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hanging out the laundry

Today turned out to be an all day laundry day. I got two loads out blowing in the breeze and noticed bird poo on my clean sheet. So off I went to scrub it clean and rewash it. This done I returned it to the line and headed inside to start painting my bedroom. I was rolling a wall and happened to look outside and saw the sprinklers were hitting the laundry. I hollered at my grandson (now 15) to run and get the last couple of things off the line for me and carried on painting. Later that evening, after returning him home, I went to make the bed and could not find the laundry basket. The last time I saw it was when I folded up laundry from the line earlier in the day. Oh, my gosh, it must still be outside under the clothesline! Sure enough it was out in the dark soaking wet! I returned to the laundry room and rewashed the laundry( as it had lots of bugs in it now). He had brought in my homemade clothespin bag (jean cutoffs) and it was a little dirty so I started taking out the pins to wash the bag and pretty soon I had several yellow jackets flying around the room!! I'm allergic so I am not too pleased. I start swatting, stepping, dancing, whatever will work. Dash is looking shell shocked, 'what are you doing Mommie? should I be afraid"? I am thinking 'I hang my clothes outside for what reason?' It is now 10 p m and my laundry is still in the dryer, what time did I start this process? All I know is that I painted my bedroom walls twice, drove to Spokane and back, ate dinner and the laundry still isn't done! I was thinking earlier that whoever placed the clothesline under the trees probably made an error in judgement and for me to have continued doing this was not the least bit smart. So using mother nature's dryer is only 'cents'ible because I am retired and can spend a whole day doing laundry.

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