Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canning up a storm on Super Simple Sundays

canning 002

I got some rhubarb from my friend, Sharon and decided today was a good day to make some jam.  I even got to use my antique scale, I purchased recently.  It worked marvelously.  I always hated those recipes that said so many #’s of this ……as I never had a scale.  Not a problem any more!canning 008

I made six half pints each of Rhubarb~Orange Butter and Rhubarb~Banana Butter.  I am calling them butter as I don’t know how jelled they will be as I did not use pectin.


  1. I have never had rubbar (spelt it wrong)....

  2. You're so funny about naming them "butter" LOL..... looks delicious to me and I hope it sets for you.

    I've made syrup out of past jams and jellies that ended up too soft and that was a great way not to waste anything.

    Come visit next time you're in Seattle!

  3. Ok, here I go again.... I haven't tasted dilly beans or rhubarb.
    You're being so domestic with all your kitchen work...... I'm impressed, again.

    I love your scale!
    Have a great day!

  4. Those look yummy. Butter or jam, either one works.


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